Saturday 13 December 2008

BBC Today, Radio 4

To quote from the programme synopsis:

A review on education has advocated replacing a curriculum of traditional subjects with six broad areas of understanding. And putting IT at the heart of teaching. Stephen Heppell, a consultant in the education field, says "the world has gone learning mad" in preparing legislation within the education sector.

Here is the brief radio interview - I had a lot of very supportive mail after this by the way...

I hope this link works for overseas friends, the BBC site is a bit odd about who can or can't see / hear its stuff

Friday 21 November 2008

Kent TV interview - headteachers conference 08

I rushed in from the airport to address Kent's annual Headteachers' Conference 08. Kent TV intervieed me afterwards about what I'd said, and why I was there.

This is the interview.

Learners' voice, global education, policy, etc

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Be Very Afraid

Each year a selection of ingenious students - from primary to university age - are invited along to BAFTA in London's Piccadilly to show and talk about the extraordinary things they are doing with new technologies in their learning. These conversations are captured as video - with great production values - and can all be found from the event website HERE

Each year I get to do a reflective summary at the end - these are on the website, but also on YouTube. Here is the one from 2008

And here is a BBC Radio 4 Learning Curve programme, made after one such BVA event,

Saturday 1 November 2008

Learning to Change/Changing to Learn

the Learning to Change/Changing to Learn video was made by the talented folk (Stephen Brown et al). With a host of sensible folk intervied this was a provocation for the excellent Consortium for School Networking conference in 2008. It is used by a LOT of schools as a stimulus for CPD, discussion etc. Lots of useful little sound bites, great production values.

"every turned off device is potentially a turned off child"
"nearly now"

Here is the link to the video on the Pearson Foundation website, and also on YouTube

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Handheld Learning 08 intro

I chaired an afternoon session. This was my intro - covers things like the parallels between finance industry collapse and education. "there is no THEY, there is only US" etc

video of my introduction

Monday 13 October 2008

K12 Online Conference 2008

I delivered the pre-conference keynote to this event. My title was:
“It Simply Isn’t the 20th Century Any More Is It?: So Why Would We Teach as Though It Was?”

and i was able to record this in a rather chatty, quite intimate style, sitting at a table at my East Coast home. Not sure whether it was the quiet conversational style or the wide range of subject matter covered, but this one has been all round the blogosphere for months and I get a lot of feedback about it (so far all encouraging!)

here's the link to the details and a video of the whole chat

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Do schoolchildren and students know how to research?

Professor Guy Claxton, me, Kathryn Pollard, Prof Patrick Ainley - all chaired by BBC Education correspondent James Westhead at the RSA in London for a debate about whether choolchildren and students know how to research?

Light, jolly, here's the link to vodcasts and podcasts

Tuesday 1 July 2008

The Journey to Excellence - LTS

I'm a fan of Learning and Teaching Scotland. As part of Scottish education's journey to excellence they collected a host of interesting interviews with a range of folk, "leading thinkers", and that apparently included me.

Here's the whole set of videos on the HMIe website in Scotland

I think these are all up on YouTube too