Friday 23 November 2012

Lecture at the State Library of Victoria 10/11/08

A really enjoyable evening to a packed state library in 2008. The flyer said:

"Learning is in a state of transformation this century. Schools, businesses, community and cultural centres, universities and libraries worldwide are addressing online and onsite strategies for learning. Virtual and physical spaces are now equally important for meaningful learning. Educators, researchers, parents and young people share the power to make it happen."

And my goodness, that was right wasn't it!

Here is the talk

Sunday 11 November 2012

Social Media in learning.... and more

I really enjoy visiting South Australia - lots happening, some remarkable schools - I'm thinker in residence at the wonderful Mark Oliphant College (which is birth-to-Year 12) for example and love what they are doing across the board.

Last time there I was interviewed by some of the great folk in the South Australia Education team:  good questions, very professional production values and the results are here in two YouTube sized sections. I am really pleased with what they did. 


If you are tight for time, start with just Part Two!

Thursday 18 October 2012

in it for the outcome, not the income...

This video was recorded at the British Educational Research Association conference after my keynote presentation at the 2012 conference. Produced by Mike O'Donoghue, School of Education, University of Manchester. September 2012.

In the keynote I tried hard to make the case that a body representing educational research should be much more active in opeing free schools, sponsoring academies, and indeed simply showing how effective current educational research insights can be in building better learning.

It's not enough any more to write the papers and books, now what is needed is to walk the talk as well as talk the talk. This short interviews ends with more of the same.
To be candid, i don't think any university should be allowed anywhere near teacher education if it doesn't itself run an astonishingly effective school... do you?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Third millennium learning – dealing with the certainty of uncertainty

Donald Clarke hosts an excellent Learning Technologies event annually in Olympia. For over a decade, Learning Technologies has been "Europe’s leading conference for organsational learning and the technology used to support learning at work". It had a huge line up of very good contributors this year (2012), as ever.

It provides a good opportunity to focus on a sector that used to help schools with their entrepreneurial spirit, but now has much to learn in return about Learning, from schools and from children.

Anyway, here was my contribution

Wednesday 22 February 2012

New Worlds of Learning

I'll simply quote from the BETT website here - pausing only to say that BETT is the most wonderful forum for updating and exchanging practice and ideas. If you are not a regular - or live too far away to be one - the backchannel and associated materials - like this video - are ever-so-useful:

For the past few years, the eminent Professor Stephen Heppell of has brought many new learning concepts into the Central Feature at BETT. This year's dynamic and energetic New Worlds of Learning feature, inspired by Stephen's work with schools across the world, gave a fresh view of what is possible in education globally. 'New Worlds of Learning' was centred on the wise and wired students of the Lampton School, Hounslow, Greater London. Visitors could experience a central hub designed for them to discover how to take advantage of best practice from a diversity of international learning environments whilst highlighting the many approaches to learning that have been enabled by ICT around the world.

Anyway, never mind the hyperbole, here is the video

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Child Led Learning

The annual Learning Without Frontiers event in London - run by the indefatigable Graham Brown-Martin, sees a string of great inputs (this year including Resnick, Wolfram, Chomsky...even the wonderful Ellen MacAurthur!) in short usually 20 minute inputs that give it a very pact feel, with a gallery of more conversational bits - this year hosted in inflatable igloos.

This was my 20 minute's worth of input and I'm quite pleased with the pace and content.

This is it on YouTube:
But it is also available direct from the LWF site: