Wednesday 22 February 2012

New Worlds of Learning

I'll simply quote from the BETT website here - pausing only to say that BETT is the most wonderful forum for updating and exchanging practice and ideas. If you are not a regular - or live too far away to be one - the backchannel and associated materials - like this video - are ever-so-useful:

For the past few years, the eminent Professor Stephen Heppell of has brought many new learning concepts into the Central Feature at BETT. This year's dynamic and energetic New Worlds of Learning feature, inspired by Stephen's work with schools across the world, gave a fresh view of what is possible in education globally. 'New Worlds of Learning' was centred on the wise and wired students of the Lampton School, Hounslow, Greater London. Visitors could experience a central hub designed for them to discover how to take advantage of best practice from a diversity of international learning environments whilst highlighting the many approaches to learning that have been enabled by ICT around the world.

Anyway, never mind the hyperbole, here is the video

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Child Led Learning

The annual Learning Without Frontiers event in London - run by the indefatigable Graham Brown-Martin, sees a string of great inputs (this year including Resnick, Wolfram, Chomsky...even the wonderful Ellen MacAurthur!) in short usually 20 minute inputs that give it a very pact feel, with a gallery of more conversational bits - this year hosted in inflatable igloos.

This was my 20 minute's worth of input and I'm quite pleased with the pace and content.

This is it on YouTube:
But it is also available direct from the LWF site: