Monday 26 April 2010

I don't like technology (I LOVE it!)

Lovely conversation / interview with the students of the exceptional Robin Hood School - we were all together in Birmingham for the annual (and vast) Education Show.

Covers everything from Naughty Learning to teachers dropping litter!
Thanks for the great questions Robin Hood Radio!

Here is the interview on Robin Hood Radio's site

You can even subscribe to them in iTunes. Great school, smart students.

Thursday 8 April 2010

the one thing I'll take away is...

After a hugely enjoyable conference together in Hobart, Tasmania I asked the teachers policy makers and architects present to stand in a tight line in front of a camera and say the one thing they would take away from our two days together. I'd tried this once before, in melbourne, to great effect, but this was a much larger group and their comments just get better and better:
"I wish I was 60 years younger", "I was going to retire but I'm not now", "I leaned and we learned..."

Fab - let it run - safe in their hands? I think so - no, I know so.

Friday 2 April 2010

Teachers ask how?

Another video contributed by Australia's Greg Whitby, after my recent visit there, as part of a series. Greg writes about these in his BluYonder blog here too. This time Greg notes that: The key message here is to be inquisitive, innovative, and collaborative – there is no roadmap. And that’s part of the professional journey and the reward that comes with teachers taking great control of the learning environment

Anyway, here is the YouTube source: