Tuesday 30 March 2010

Learning spaces - why change?

I really enjoy my time in Australia - you can feel the progress and the commitment.
This is a  video contributed by the wonderful Greg Whitby as part of a series and he writes about them in his BluYonder blog here - and there are on YouTube of course, as well. Greg writes that: In his response to parents, Stephen addresses why we need to move on from traditional ‘cells and bells’ learning spaces.

Anyway, here is the YouTube source:

Friday 26 March 2010

A conversation in Adelaide

This is an audio link. I had a really enjoyable conversation with a local and remote audience the Adelaide offices of "Education Services Australia" - the whole thing was livestreamed as audio via Ustream. It was a good chat with lots of questions about change process, ICT in learning and more. I started it off with a bit of a ramble, then folk chipped in with their questions. In the studio i had some pictures on my screen, but the audio seems fine without needing them.

However, I have pointed this blog entry to Kerry J's blog. Kerry was great fun to work with (and you will have to scroll past some kind words she has about me) but she has given a really useful and detailed breakdown of just how she managed the whole livestreaming process - I found it really informative and I'm sure you will too.

The audio stream is linked from her blog entry which is here.

Friday 12 March 2010

libraries and learning

This helpful little DVD was made a while back, looking at the role of libraries in the new learning spaces of this 3rd millennium. I pop up in places on it with a few (hopefully helpful and now oft repeated) sound bites but there are some really helpful images of library spaces like Les Watson's wonderful Saltire Centre in Glasgow Caledonian University.

It is a direct copy of the DVD, so in a few places it helps to know that.

Anyway, here it is: