Wednesday 23 September 2009

Finally, it's clear to everyone

Liverpool to Queensland live

This is an interesting little stream of thoughts. I was in Liverpool, at the Media Education Summit, speaking to folk in Queensland Australia. I hope Ii make some interesting points - but the conversation across the world is relaxed and mails afterwards suggest it worked pretty well.

Anyway, you judge - here's the video

Monday 21 September 2009

Making notes...

Oh this is really interesting: a group of young children in Drummore Primary School, at Scotland's most south westerly point are learning brass instruments from a video-linked teacher. Now as a former chairman of the European Teleconferencing Federation, I'm used to video-linking, but in this instance the link wasn't just a "nearly" version of face to face, it was actually substantially better: the distance from the tutor meant that the children needed to support each other and the headteacher was confident that this resultant mutuality runs into the classroom when the children are away from the link. Watching, I could see that she was quite right about that. All sorts of little practical details about how to do it effectively emerged too - invaluable.

I could write tons about this, but Alan Cameron - who has made all this extraordinary work happen - recorded a conversation we had together, reflecting on the whole experience a litle later that same day. It covers a lot more detail...