Monday 17 January 2011

Intervju med Stephen Heppell @ BETT 2011

A lovely chat interview by KTHLearningLab.
Intervju med Stephen Heppell från BETT 2011. KTH IKT Producent: Jonas Thorén

All took place on my Visual learning stand at BETT 2011 - i really like the view of the stand's students just getting on with their work quietly in the background. Some nice questions and early enough in the show that i had not lost my voice!

Sorry - "his video has been removed by the user" - I'll try to track it down


  1. Thanks for the interview Stephen!
    I have changed the low resolution video to a HD one,
    and here is the link to it.

    Best regards
    Jonas Thorén
    Producer at Learning lab, KTH, Royal institute of technology,
    Stockholm Sweden

  2. I am really inspired by the interview.

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