Tuesday 12 May 2009

The Future of Learning

For a while in the UK the government education department DfES, (which then became DCSF), articulated some extraordinary moments of clarity - and often Eileen Devonshire was at the heart of this work to open the key debates needed if government policy was to keep up with the pace of innovation in schools and industry.

One such contribution was to commission (from the talented folk at Magic Lantern) this short video about the future of learning: students, NQTs, wise old owls, Anthony Minghella (sadly missed), Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub, Sir Paul Smith, Sir Trevor McDonald, old archive footage, and all sorts. I got to narrate it - fab little buzz of video for professional development etc.

two versions here: sumptuous QuickTime or (almost as good) fast streaming compressed Flash version


  1. Stephen; neither of the movie files worked for me.

  2. David - i checked, both work here on a Mac and a PC. Not sure what the issue is, the Flash file is very compressed. Maybe installing QuickTime is something you should do anyway...


    It's free.

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I am preparing a presentation for Catholic School principals in Melbourne. Can we have your permission to use the Future of learning video (without modification) in the presentation?

  4. Donna - of course, i'd be delighted...
    (anyone else too!)