Tuesday 5 May 2009

Space, the final frontier

As a launch of the SPACE: ADM-HEA Annual Forum 2009 CEMP was asked to assemble this short provocation about learning spaces in Higher Education. Basically it is me chatting about the issue against a green-screened backdrop of relevant images.

It's on YouTube, and is referenced in a number of places, like David Hopkins excellent blog

Anyway, here is the YouTube version 

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  1. Very very good film, thank you for sharing this. My only comment unfortunately is one of negativity, but not connected with the content. You mention the UK motorcycle industry as the failure ... which is undergoing a huge renaissance in that Triumph is a major player in the global market, Norton is back under English ownership (and back at the Isle of Man racing this year) not to mention other smaller niche names and brands. However, we can all admit the UK car industry has been decimated by inactivity and poor management for decades and is all but dead and burried.